Yes! It’s true!
We are hiring!

Here is everything you need to know:

What does the job include?

Some of the perks of this job include:

– Up to 1000eur / month salary
– Expense credit card to pay for all the food you can eat
– New iPhone 12 to make even better pictures of the food that you rate
– Access to all Tummly VIP events


How do I apply for the job?

How do I apply for the job? You apply simply by downloading our Tummly “The Food Oscar” app from AppStore, GooglePlay or AppGallery and start using it. No special application, email, phone call or interview is needed. That comes later.

How do I use the app?

How do I use the app? Tummly is very simple! It let’s you rate the food that you eat in a restaurant, pub, bar, bakery or any other food & drink business.

tommly 2

Where can I use the app to get the job?

Tummly app is available in 9 countries: Germany, Serbia, UK, Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Austria, Italy and Spain. So far you can only use it in those countries. Would you like to request a new country?

How do I get the job?

To get this job you have to be among our most active users! MOST ACTIVE USERS mean the users who will rate the most food, gain most followers, add most pictures of the food they rate, etc

tommly top user

Can I CHEAT or FAKE to get the job?

Fake ratings? No pictures? A lot of rating with no pictures in very short period of time? Yes, you can try. But keep in mind that if you do – we will know! And so will everyone in the Tummly community. And if we find out – you will be banned from Tummly, your account and all your ratings will be deleted.

How do I know if I get the job?

We will be notifying everyone in the Tummly community about user activity via PUSH NOTIFICATION, direct email and via our social media (Facebook, Instagram, …)

If you do become one of our top users and a firm candidate for the job we will contact you directly via EMAIL that you provide when you SIGN UP and will schedule a VIDEO CALL / INTERVIEW with you.

If you have any other questions regarding this job or anything else involving Tummly, please – ask HERE.